A lifestyle choice?

That’s what Rich Studley – President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce – thinks of anyone who needs a helping hand longer than 48 months in this horrible economy. Need assistance to support your family? Too bad. Don’t have a job? You’re not trying hard enough.

The legislation, if signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, will cut 11,000 Michigan families and 29,700 children off welfare by October 1st, saving Michigan a mere $77.4 million:

Judy Putnam, spokeswoman for the Michigan League for Human Services, said: “The impact is going to come … when families lose a key source of income and may not be able to pay the rent just as the school year is getting started and kids are settling into classrooms.”

I mean, just look at the latest statistics, Michigan’s jobs environment is thriving!

OK. So what if our unemployment numbers are up? Come on, struggling Michiganders looking for work — why do you choose to live the welfare lifestyle?

Last time we wrote about Rich Studley, we noted that his Twitter feed reads like a list of recycled GOP talking points. Even more troubling, though, is that his Twitter feed is emblazoned with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s logo.

So who does Rich Studley speak for? The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and its members, or merely for Rich Studley? More succinctly, where does Rich Studley end and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce begin?

Indeed, Michigan business owners must understand that the people Rich Studley is vilifying are the same people who spend money at their stores and help keep their doors open. This level of callousness is something that can only be matched by @OneCallousNerd, and it will be if he signs the legislation.

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