Do you follow President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Rich Studley on Twitter (@rstudley)? If not, you should. It reads as if he simply reposts GOP talking points straight to his account. Looking for absolutely zero in-depth analysis? Rich Studley’s Twitter account has it in spades.

Nothing is too far-right or partisan for Rich Studley’s Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Take, for example, his latest foray into Michigan politics. Along with Bill Martin, the CEO of the Michigan Association of REALTORS, Rich Studley calls the ongoing recall efforts of Rick Snyder “irresponsible”:

These decisions have not been easy, but they have been necessary. Now is the time to continue with positive change, not to distract the public and the legislature with irresponsible recall elections.

Studley goes on to note that:

In recent months, elected leaders have put the state on a new path forward by balancing the state budget through meaningful government reforms, eliminating the job-killing Michigan Business Tax, and passing other game-changing reforms.

When Rick Snyder was running for governor he made creating a “jobs-friendly environment” one of his top priorities by eliminating the Michigan Business Tax, implementing the Emergency Manager law (Public Act 4), and a host of other policies that seem to come straight out of ALEC’s playbook.

So how is this “jobs-friendly environment” and “positive change” working for average Michiganders? As it turns out, not so well. According to Gov. Rick Snyder’s own dashboard, Michiganders have fallen behind in several key areas since he took office:

Unemployment has increased .2%.

Real personal income has fallen from $28,250 to $27,558.

Children living in poverty has increased from 19% to 23%.

Our infant mortality rate has increased from 7.6 to 7.7 deaths per 1,000.

Indeed, another of Rick Snyder’s favorite metrics is “value for money government,” a measurement of how efficiently government can deliver services.Under Rick Snyder, our government has actually become less efficient. Basically, our per capita debt burden has increased from $748 to $762 and our operating costs have increased from 20.9% to 21.9% of GDP. 

To summarize: we make less, owe more, and pay more for fewer services. Who, exactly, is benefiting from this environment? Oh yeah, Rich Studley and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce … that’s why they don’t want Rick Snyder recalled.


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