Ambassador Bridge billionaire mogul Matty Maroun’s mouthpiece, crazyman consultant Dick Morris, was bounced as a Republican keynote speaker, allegedly at the behest of Governor Rick Snyder.

Now Morris, a Fox News bloviator, has found a new speaking life as the Michigan Tea Party’s keynoter at a June 9 fundraiser in Milford where Morris will share the stage with The Man Nobody Misses from Lansing, former Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop. Morris had been scheduled to speak at a 11th Congressional District Republican Party event but got the hook.  Morris has been Maroun’s hired gun and attack dog against a proposed new bridge that would end Maroun’s lucrative monopoly on bridge crossings between Detroit and Windsor.

The Tea Party used the occasion of announcing Morris’ appearance to attack Snyder, who wants the new bridge approved by July 4. 

In a press release issued today, Tea Party spokesman Wes Nakagiri of RetakeOurGov said, “My sources tell me that Mr. Morris was disinvited due to his opposition to the Governor’s proposal to build a costly new government-run bridge along with an accompanying bureaucracy. It is disappointing to see the Governor resort to Lansing-insider tactics to keep citizens from hearing both sides of the bridge story.”

Matty Maroun and the Michigan Tea Party–Our newest right-wing wild and crazy couple!

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