Hint: it’s public employees.

Today, we’re pleased to partner with our friends at We Are the People to launch IMakeMichiganWork.org, a new website that showcases the personal stories of Michigan’s public service employees, who are being asked to accept an additional $180 million in wage and benefit cuts to pay for Gov. Rick Snyder’s $1.8 billion tax break for special corporate interests.

The interactive website allows workers to upload short videos explaining how their job makes Michigan work. Currently, the site features 34 video testimonials from workers across the state, including: firefighters, teachers, public health workers, environmental inspectors, food service employees, sanitation workers and many others that help make Michigan work.

Public employees are essential to keep Michigan on the path to economic recovery and success. Get involved and see how public employees make Michigan work.

To upload a testimonial, public workers should visit IMakeMichigan.org and click the “Submit a Video” button at the top of the screen, and then follow the instructions. Videos can be submitted via web cam, mobile phone, or digital camcorder. Testimonials should be approximately 30 seconds long, and can then be shared with family, friends and co-workers via Facebook and Twitter.

Below you’ll find a quick instructional video for submitting a testimonial to www.IMakeMichiganWork.org:

Lansing politicians have had a field day cutting the wages and benefits of public employees while at the same time handing out billions in tax cuts to special corporate interests. Head over to the I Make Michigan Work website and see how public employees make Michigan work.

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