The state Rep. defends his position on cuts to state lawmakers & officials benefits / perks packages.

From the comments of the post on the ever-timely Michigan Liberal:

Let me also make another simple point.  We get worked up over legislative pay, but make no mention that a new head football coach at a State university will be paid $3 million this year, or roughly the equivalent of 42 House members.  Both are paid via tax dollars.

The point is wrong, Doug. Michigan’s public universities have a separate fund for athletics expenses — including coaches salaries — that is independent of all other monies in the university’s coffers. Alumni, boosters, fans, ticket revenue, licensing proceeds, Big Ten network payments, bowl game shares — that pays for the football coach you’re criticizing.

So, yeah, Mark Dantonio makes more money than you. But my taxes don’t pay him. They pay you, though.

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