John Yob, progenitor of the allegedly grassroots effort Value for Michigan, says he won’t reveal the (likely high-rolling) donors to the effort, which aims to drum up support for Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget.

“We will file our campaign finance reports the same time other political committees do, as legally required by the SoS office. We are set up as a political committee with the Secretary of State so we chose to use a vehicle that requires full disclosure, rather than a stealth organization,” Yob said.


Oh, you’ll get your answers…in July. A few guesses as to whose funding this: Business Leaders for Michigan (or some of their well-heeled members); the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce; and, hey, maybe even Dick DeVos.

And, uh, bytheway, Yob — most grassroots movements (like that crowd of thousands at the Capitol protesting said budget) don’t refer to themselves as “political organizations.”

I smell Astroturf.



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