Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contact: Leigh Fifelski, 517-999-3646

LANSING – Citizens group Progress Michigan today launched “Value for Michigan CEOs,” an online Monopoly-themed campaign to debunk “Value for Michigan,” a Facebook front for the Snyder Administration set up by partisan political operatives. 

Progress Michigan’s “Value for Michigan CEOs” campaign includes a Facebook page, a petition and a video intended to educate people about the powerful CEOs who are influencing decision-making in Lansing, including the proposed budget, which slashes services for families, seniors and students while cutting taxes for corporations and other businesses by $1.7 billion.

“Value for Michigan CEOs shines a light on the real power in Rick Snyder’s state government—powerful CEOs,” said Progress Michigan Executive Director David Holtz. “Special interests are acting like Mr. Moneybags while families and seniors pay a luxury tax to give big corporations and CEOs a tax break. That’s not fair in this tough economy, it doesn’t create a single job and it must stop.”

The “Value for Michigan CEOs” video begins with the following question:

“What’s Value for Michigan CEOs?” words on the screen asks.

The answer: “It’s raising taxes on low-income workers and senior citizens to give an 86% tax break to corporations. It’s appointing corporate buddies, mostly members of Business Leaders for Michigan, to government positions.”

The video then lists some CEOs who benefit from the Snyder administration’s economic policies. The video closes: “In this game of Monopoly, it’s Boardwalk, Park Place and the Utilities for the privileged, while the rest of us pay the luxury tax.”

To see the campaign, go to:


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