Last week, when the Snyder administration appealed a judge’s decision to overturn the DRNE’s decision to deny an air permit to Holland Board of Public Works, they upheld former Governor Granholm’s 2009 directive to  require a thorough analysis of the need for and alternatives to new sources of power before they are built.  I have to say, I was quite surprised by this and have to applaud Governor Snyder and his administration for this action. 

Progress Michigan, along with other groups, is currently collecting signatures to ask the governor to continue along the path to clean energy and continue to uphold Granholm’s directive.  Doing so would not only protect runners like me, our children and other community members from possible asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases associated with coal pollution, but it would help to create jobs and help to diversify our economy. 

Snyder talks about moving Michigan forward. I’m hoping this applies to energy here in Michigan. I’m hoping that as a business leader in Michigan, he will see that innovative new approaches are often the ones that make companies stand out.  

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