In three pages, Governor Granholm (a former Attorney General herself) schools Attorney General Mike Cox, explaining the constitutional limits of his authority and the position of the State of Michigan.

Sign our petition telling Attorney General Mike Cox “Not in our name!”

Letter to AG Cox


  1. isn’t that special

    So, Governor Granholm is saying, in a nutshell, how dare you go ahead and flex your office muscles without consulting me first.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s about G.D. Time she did something. For the most part, she’s as worthless as tits on a nun.
    So, bravo, Governor for taking the steps necessary to dictate a letter like this. I applaud your unwavering devotion to your political party, no matter how poorly you’ve managed this state.
    You were right – 5 years… blown away.

  2. Re: isn’t that special

    Nice remark. With your head in it’s present location, how can you stand the smell. Is this where you get all your facts?

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