The climactic moment in the best non-Pixar children’s film I’ve ever seen, The Iron Giant, comes when little Hogarth Hughes teaches his new pal, the Iron Giant, about what it means to be alive.

“You are who you choose to be,” he says. “You choose.”

Contrast that with the childish, oft-repeated statement made by the impish former President George W. Bush, “I’m the decider, I decide,” and you sort of get to the crux of the abortion debate.

Who chooses? If you’re pro-choice, you think everyone chooses what’s right for them. If you’re like two anti-choice Kalamazoo County Commissioners, John Zull and Michael Quinn, you think you’re the decider, and you decide what’s right for every Kalamazoo County employee.

In an eerie echo of the anti-choice Stupak amendment to the national health care bill, Zull and Quinn are attempting to foist their personal beliefs onto county employees by pulling their abortion coverage.

“Bottom line — this proposal is an invasion of privacy into our employees,” said Commissioner Brian Johnson, D-Kalamazoo, who argued the board had no right to “stick our noses” into county employee’s private health business.

You choose, Kalamazoo voters. Otherwise, those guys are going to decide for you.

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