Beginning this week, you’ll start seeing my name in your inbox, attached to Progress Michigan emails.

That’s because I’ve joined the fabulous team here at Progress Michigan as a Communications Specialist.

Who am I? I’m a lot of things: poet, mother, reporter, dog whisperer, amateur Iron Chef, rabid Tigers fan and activist.

My special skills – you’ve got it, communication – lend themselves particularly well to imparting to you, dear progressive friends, the importance of the issues we’re working on.

Right now, they include energy. And jobs. And the economy. And global warming.

Seems pretty unrelated, right? Wrong. The U.S. Senate introduced a clean energy plan designed to combat global warming by capping dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our dependence on dirty coal plants and foreign oil. By offering incentives for energy efficiency and new, clean power technologies like wind turbines and solar panels, we can actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil and Big Oil companies, while creating an entire new industry here in Michigan. In fact, research shows that investing in clean energy will create 54,000 jobs in the next two years.

We’re working hard to reenergize Michigan by making our great, mitten-shaped state a leader in 21st century energy technology. I’m excited to be able to tell my young one, and eventually her young ones, what it was like to watch as Michigan was reinvented from car-state to Great Green State.

I’m glad we’ll be making it all happen together.

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