What I still don’t understand is why people feel that is it okay to tell someone they cannot have equal access to housing, employment and other public accommodations just because they like a person of the same sex. Really? What is it about Joe and Bob living together that bothers people enough to say it is okay to force them to move out of their rental? Why do people think it is okay not to hire Mary because she goes home to Courtney every night? I just do not understand what impact it has on YOUR life when two people who love each other want to spend their lives together.

So, it astounds me that the Kalamazoo Gazette reported that people are fighting to revoke a measure that passed the Kalamazoo City Commission by 7-0. The measure gives LGBT community members the same rights all other community members have when it comes to renting or buying a home or looking for a job.

Look, I am not a lesbian. I like boys (I am a girl). But, I am not threatened and I really could care less if a boy wants to kiss another boy or if a girl wants to kiss another girl. I DO care if people are not given the same rights as everyone else because of the color of their skin or which body part they were born with or with whom someone wants to share their life. So, it’s awesome that the Kalamazoo City Commission did their homework and asked the public (yes they did hold public hearings on this) and found that people don’t care about whom their neighbors fall in love with; they too believe in justice.

So, I encourage you to get involved today and help to keep discrimination laws working in Kalamazoo.