THURSDAY, OCT. 2, 2008
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Progressive groups tell McCain not to pull out of Michigan until he explains his support for outsourcing, failed economic policies

LANSING – Citizen group Progress Michigan today called on John McCain to come back to Michigan to fully explain his refusal to stand up for Michigan jobs after news media reported that McCain was pulling up stakes and abandoning Michigan, which has lost 400,000 jobs under Bush-McCain policies.

“We’re not done with John McCain, who owes Michigan voters an explanation of his support for Bush Administration policies that have sent Michigan jobs to other states and countries,” Progress Michigan Executive Director Dan Farough said. “This is a 12-round fight and John McCain should not leave in the middle of the ninth round just because he doesn’t want to explain to struggling Michigan families why he supported outsourcing. John McCain should get back in here and give the people of Michigan the straight talk they deserve about his record of turning his back on Michigan’s working families.”

News media such as the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and reported today that McCain is pulling his campaign out of Michigan.

“John McCain should turn his so-called ‘Straight Talk Express’ around and get back to Michigan so the working families who have been hit hard by outsourcing and downsizing can hear why he supported the Bush Administration when it rewarded companies that shipped jobs overseas,” Farough said. “John McCain calls himself the ‘comeback kid.’ He should come back to Michigan, debate the issues and answer to the people of Michigan why he won’t support automakers, renewable energy, families facing foreclosure and our working men and women.”


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