Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008
Contact: Dan Farough

McCain’s Energy Photo-Op Attempts to Hide Dismal Record

McCain opposes renewable energy, bio-fuels; pushes tax giveaways to Big Oil

LANSING — Citizens group Progress Michigan today exposed John McCain as a flip-flopper on energy and called his visit to a Dow Corning solar panel facility in Mid-Michigan a cynical attempt to hide his real record of opposing renewable energy at every turn.

“The only position John McCain has stuck to on energy is pro-Big Oil and anti-renewable energy – and he won’t fool Michigan citizens with a photo op in front of solar panels,” Progress Michigan Executive Director Dan Farough said. “John McCain can’t hide the fact that his record on energy involves tax giveaways to Big Oil and gutting renewable energy that will create 21st century jobs and reduce dangerous carbon dioxide pollution.”

McCain’s record on energy includes:

  • Gutting $20 million (out of a $23-million program) for renewable energy and energy efficiency programs that benefit farm families and rural communities.1
  • Refusing to support incentives for renewable energy projects.2
  • Refusing to support groundbreaking renewable energy technology that could expand the production and use of wind, solar, hydro and others.3
  • Voting to weaken renewable energy standards, which are vital to attracting investments and generating good-paying energy-related jobs.4
  • Refusing to support renewable fuels standards that would increase ethanol and biodiesel use to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.5

Farough criticized McCain for visiting the solar panel facility for cynical purposes and to fool Michigan voters into thinking he has been a supporter of renewable energy, when he hasn’t.

“John McCain’s real record shows he’s a Bush supporter and a Washington insider who hands out tax giveaways to foreign oil companies at every turn – at great expense to renewable energy and bio-fuels that are made in Michigan and that will keep our dollars here,” Farough said. “John McCain’s record shows he is no reformer, but a politician who gives tax breaks to oil companies that will send our energy future backward.”


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