Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
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Citizens’ groups rally as McCain visits nuclear power plant in Monroe

MONROE – Citizens concerned about the outsourcing of good-paying jobs and bad trade deals gathered at a rally today to hold Sen. John McCain accountable for his failed record of job losses and energy, bringing attention to the Senators support for policies that hurt working families. Organized by the AFLCIO and citizens’ watchdog groups, the rally was held as McCain visited a nuclear power facility near Monroe.

“Anyone who comes to Michigan needs to talk about one thing – jobs. John McCain has a lengthy record of supporting policies that have sent thousands upon thousands of Michigan jobs overseas; policies that have pushed Michigan into an economic crisis,” Progress Michigan Executive Director Dan Farough said. “Sen. McCain must be held accountable for his actions taken against hard-working Michigan families. He can run, he can try to change the subject, but he can’t hide from the fact that he supports policies that have led to record job losses in Michigan.”

McCain’s record includes supporting failed foreign trade policies that have led to job losses and the outsourcing of U.S. jobs to China and other countries. McCain even supports giving tax breaks to companies that send jobs to other countries. In January, McCain said that Michigan jobs sent overseas were never coming back. “Every Michigan job should be fought for – tooth and nail – not surrendered,” said Farough.

The groups also blasted McCain’s support of big oil companies and their record profits. During his time as a Senator, McCain has twice voted against a so-called “windfall profit” tax on oil companies, despite claiming to oppose tax breaks for oil companies in his tax plan. According to a study conducted by the Center for American Progress, “The McCain plan would cut taxes for five largest U.S. oil companies by $3.8 billion a year.” Last week, oil companies posted another round of record profits, with Exxon-Mobile recording their “highest-ever” three-month profit of over $11.6 billion. Shell has seen profits rise by 33%, and BP gained 28% in its own profits.

“The Bush-McCain record of tax breaks for big oil companies and corporations that ship our jobs overseas is not going to help a single Michigan family,” said Farough. “Michigan needs jobs more now than ever, and McCain’s record shows that he represents the interests of big oil, not the people of Michigan.”


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