What a whirlwind the last three months have been. Michigan’s new legislative majority wasted no time getting to work to pass legislation that Progress Michigan and our progressive partners have been advocating for and working on for years. We’ve been there every step of the way, and we couldn’t have done that without your support. What’s more, this is just the beginning! Onward together!

  • Preventing Gun Violence in our Communities: Following the tragic shooting at Michigan State University on February 13, lawmakers wasted no time introducing universal background checks, safe storage, and extreme risk protection order (ERPO) legislation. We have been working with state lawmakers on these bills for years. Working to ensure that they’re as effective and equitable as possible. Safe storage and universal background checks are headed to the governor’s desk and we’re working with our state and local partners to get the ERPO bills across the finish line. Then on to our next set of violence prevention priorities, more on that soon!
  • Working People Power. From the beginning, Progress Michigan has always supported the rights and efforts of working people coming together, forming a union, and exercising their collective voice in the workplace. Over the last month we supported the union organizing of resident physicians, healthcare workers, and graduate workers across the state through graphic design and communications work. It’s inspiring to see hard working folks come together to organize and advocate on behalf of themselves and their fellow workers, especially when there are plenty of pro-worker policies and changes moving through the legislature in Lansing and being signed by Gov. Whitmer.
  • Advocating for a Fair Farm Bill. Progress Michigan worked hard with our partners over these past few months to advocate for a fair and sustainable Farm Bill. Passed every five years, the Farm Bill is an opportunity for Michigan farmers, producers, and eaters to make their voices heard and push for reforms in areas like climate and equity. You’ll be hearing and seeing a bunch more from us on the Farm Bill in the next few months.
  • Every breath you take, every post you make, we’ll be watching you… Our research team continues to monitor what’s what and who’s who in Michigan’s right-wing circles. We pay close attention to disinformation, dangerous narratives, and developing situations, to stay one step ahead of those who are trying to take our state backwards.

  • In terms of work that you won’t see in any headline, but you can be certain is helping us fight for progress, we’ve been busy this year revamping how we help and coordinate alongside dozens of partners. This includes a year-long communications training calendar and weekly conversations with dozens of partners to amplify one another’s work.

  • Our annual fundraiser—Stand Up for Progress—is this Friday, April 14 in Lansing at 7:30 p.m., and we are thrilled to bring comedian Mateo Lane to the stage this year. Interested in joining us? Get your ticket here.