Michigan Values vs. the Trump Administration Actions

In four years under President Donald Trump, the people of Michigan faced disastrous consequences. He let down our communities in countless ways and did not align with Michigan values, from his policy decisions to the lies and hateful rhetoric he spread. We all deserve better.

In Detroit and across Michigan, we’re standing up for our values and educating the public.

What to know about the Trump administration:

Not protecting our communities: During the COVID-19 crisis, Trump repeatedly undermined public health experts who were trying to keep us all safe, choosing instead to spread dangerous and anti-science lies. His mishandling of the pandemic undoubtedly increased the death toll in our communities and his attacks on science and public health put healthcare workers and public health officials in harm’s way.

Stripping away our rights: It’s no secret that Trump is an enemy of abortion rights and reproductive freedom. He is responsible for Roe v. Wade being overturned, and the dangerous restrictions that have been put in place because of it. He appointed three justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, and all three voted to overturn Roe, a fact he has proudly bragged about. While Michiganders have secured our own reproductive freedom via a 2022 ballot initiative, our friends and family in other states remain vulnerable.

Our communities, our air & water: Trump’s presidency was also a disaster for U.S. environmental policies. He put his cronies in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency, a body that exists to protect our air and water, and rolled back critical environmental protections, paving the way for contamination that threatens our health and safety.

Hate vs. inclusion: We cannot forget that Trump has a long history of racism and antisemitism. As president, he made degrading comments about countries like Haiti and Nigeria, told multiple women of color (who were born in the United States) to go back to their countries, and banned immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Michiganders believe in creating safe, inclusive communities for all, and Trump’s bigotry has no place here.

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