The map below plots communities that are at risk of having an Emergency Manager appointed or already have one. Use the key below as a reference for the map icons.
Icon Score Category State Action
efm_schoole NA Negative rainy-day fund At risk of triggering an Emergency Manager.
efm_fire_icon 11 + Emergency Emergency Manager appointed
efm_stress_icon 8 – 10 Fiscal Stress Unit of local government is notified of its high score, is placed on a watch list for the current year and following year, and receives consideration for review.
efm_watch_icon 5 – 7 Fiscal Watch Unit of local government is notified of its relatively high score and is placed on a watch list for the current and following year.

View Emergency Manager: Dismantling Democracy in a larger map

Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation giving him what many have called “dictatorial” powers. The much despised Emergency Manager law gives Snyder the power to hand pick emergency managers, who then have the authority to take the following actions:

  • Consolidate or dissolve local governments and dismiss the officials elected by the people.
  • Consolidate or dissolve school districts, close schools, and dismiss elected school board members.
  • Sell off public property. Public. Property. Parks, buildings, licenses, permits, and so forth. All of it.
  • Privatize government services, with all that entails.
  • Shred all contracts agreed to by local governments and schools, including union contracts.

Best Practices in Local Government Fiscal Management


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