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January 5, 2024

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Rep. Schriver’s Extremist Words and Actions Require Response from MIGOP

From eroding First Amendment protections to Internet slogans tied to white nationalism, Michigan GOP Leadership should demand answers

LANSING, Mich. –– Representative Josh Schriver recently leaned hard into religious extremism on an episode of a local MAGA inspired podcast. Rep. Schriver stated that he is working on policies to make pornography illegal and more importantly, limit the rights of religions he disagrees with, both of which fly in the face of the First Amendment. 

In November of 2023, he appeared on Fox 2 Detroit’s Let It Rip and flashed a one-finger salute, a gesture commonly used by white nationalist and Holocaust-denier Nick Fuentes and followers of his America First movement. Schriver’s subsequent X/Twitter post, which included a screenshot of the gesture, hashtags commonly used by Fuentes and his followers, and the phrase “Autumn is my favorite,” received praise from followers of Fuentes, who goes by “Autumn Groyper” on the platform. According to Right Wing Watch, there is evidence that Schriver may even be messaging with a Fuentes co-host through the social media platform.

“When it comes to white nationalism and ties to extremism, we’ve seen Republicans take to memes and Internet culture to say quiet parts outloud and we can’t help but ask––is Rep. Schriver doing that very thing?” asked Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Representative Shriver’s comments about taking away First Amendment rights for things he simply doesn’t like are concerning enough, but when you add in the signals he’s throwing up on camera and online and their ties to the darker parts of our society, it’s time for Michigan House Republican leadership to also start asking questions of their colleague. Statements like the ones made by Rep. Schriver raise serious concerns about possible threats to already marginalized religious communities. Silence from supposed party leaders in the face of extremism is not only cowardice, but complicity.”