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November 1, 2023

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Progress Michigan Calls for Robust Transparency Legislation

Michiganders voted for real transparency when they passed Proposal 1 and they deserve it now

LANSING, Mich. –– As the Michigan Legislature takes up bills required to fulfill the transparency promise Michiganders voted for by passing Proposal 1 in 2022, Progress Michigan issued the following statement attributed to Denzel McCampbell, managing director of Progress Michigan: 

“Michiganders voted for real transparency from our elected officials when they passed Proposal 1 in 2022. While the legislation considered today is better than the non-existent system we have, we can do better in providing the level of transparency Michiganders deserve. The bills acted on today do not require financial disclosure from statewide officials who are not in the legislature or state executive offices. These bills also fall short of providing robust disclosure requirements for spouses of elected officials. 

“We need our elected officials to answer the call of Michiganders across the state to make these bills as strong as possible. We have an opportunity to shine a bright light on our government here in Michigan – a transparent government is good for all of us. This is our chance to move Michigan from the back of the pack in the country to a leading state for transparency. Let’s not waste the opportunity to do all that we can to make it happen.”