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Thursday, November 30, 2023         

Contact: Denzel McCampbell,  

Progress Michigan Applauds Gov. Whitmer Signing Bills to Expand Voting Rights and Protect Elections

DETROIT – On Thursday, Gov. Whitmer signed legislation that will expand Michiganders’ voting rights while protecting our elections and election workers. In response, Denzel McCampbell, managing director for Progress Michigan released the following statement:

“Michiganders have continued to make it clear that they want our state to be a pro-voter place where we protect our elections and are creating a voting system that works for everyone – and Gov. Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature continue to deliver on that call to action.

“We are pleased that the governor signed legislation today that will protect our election workers from intimidation. Our election workers deserve protection as they carry out the crucial work of administering elections, and this legislation helps ensure that they can do their job without fear of being harassed or intimidated.

“Artificial intelligence and deep fakes pose a significant risk when it comes to getting accurate information about our elections. The bills signed today will require political advertisements to have disclaimers when they use artificial intelligence, and prohibit the use of deep fakes in political ads. Voters deserve to have accurate information delivered to them and this legislation will help prevent deceptive media and protect the integrity of our elections. 

“Access to the ballot box is key and we are proud that Michigan is continuing to become a pro-voter state, especially as many states across the country restrict the right to vote. By allowing Michiganders as young as 16-years-old to be able to pre-register to vote we are setting the foundation for a lifetime of voting. This package also includes legislation that will increase accessibility for voters who wish to vote absentee by providing applications online – a much needed and modernized option.

“All Michigan voters should have accurate information and equal access to the ballot box, and every election worker deserves to be protected as they carry out the functions of our democracy. We look forward to seeing even more actions from the governor and the Legislature to protect our freedom to vote in Michigan.”