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October 25, 2023
Contact: Denzel McCampbell,

Farmers, Stakeholders Commend House Agriculture Committee for Moving Right to Repair 

Bill to break hold of corporate greed on farmers advances to House floor

LANSING – On Wednesday, the House Agriculture Committee voted to advance HB 4673, which would give farmers the right to repair their own farm equipment. Under the status quo, farmers are required to take their equipment to a limited few authorized repair shops, meaning they must drive far out of their way and pay increased prices for repairs they could have done themselves or had carried out by local repair shops.

“It’s no surprise our polling shows more than 80 percent of Michigan voters support Right to Repair, because it’s a common sense policy that will help independent farmers,” said Denzel McCampbell, managing director of Progress Michigan. “We commend Rep. Reggie Miller for her ongoing efforts to get this bill passed, as well as each committee member who voted to advance this critical legislation.”

“As president of the Michigan Farmers’ Union, I have heard from far too many farmers who were left with no choice but to drive hundreds of miles to overpay for basic repairs, losing critical time during the growing and harvesting seasons,” said Bob Thompson, president of the Michigan Farmers’ Union. “Family farmers should have the right to repair the agricultural equipment they own, whether doing the work themselves or by hiring an independent repair professional. I applaud Rep. Miller for her leadership on Right to Repair and for today’s committee vote. I hope that our lawmakers will support Michigan’s farmers by swiftly moving Right to Repair to the full House for a vote.”

“Across Northern Michigan, we’ve seen the impact of outsized corporate control of the agricultural industry, and we are realizing it doesn’t have to be this way,” said Joanne Galloway, executive director of Center for Change Northern Michigan Advocacy. “Farmers shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg and go far out of their way just to get basic repairs done. Right to Repair will help set farmers up for success by increasing profitability, especially for low-income farmers, as well as strengthen our communities, including local repair shops who will be able to better serve their community. I am glad to see this critical legislation advance, and I hope the House will move swiftly to pass the bill in a floor vote.”