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August 25, 2023

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Prominent MIGOP Activist Again Linked to White Supremacy

Progress Michigan yet again (this is getting old) calls on MIGOP leadership to condemn Republican activist and leader Shane Trejo for his white supremacist and alt-right views

MICHIGAN – Shane Trejo, the former chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee and current Executive Director of the Grand New Party PAC, has yet again been exposed as a white nationalist and member of the alt-right in national media. 

The Nation recently released an article titled “Undercover With the New Alt-Right,” an in-depth look by an undercover journalist at the alt-right’s ongoing work of pushing the Republican Party further right by infiltrating the mainstream party infrastructure. A prime example of this strategy at work is none other than Michigan’s Shane Trejo. 

“Trejo has been repeatedly outed for his far-right, white nationalist views. It should be the easiest decision in the world for the MIGOP to condemn and excommunicate him from the party,” said Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Instead, he continues to wield influence with Republican officials and lawmakers.” 

Trejo’s affinity for white supremacy and general, hateful, disgusting bigotry is well-known, but this undercover work by Amanda Moore provides several new details including that Trejo: 

  • suggested Donald Trump say, “After seeing eight months of Biden… I’m feeling like Jan 6 was justified” at the 2021 CPAC. 
  • guest-hosted a white nationalist podcast called “Nationalist Review” where he blamed minority outreach for the destruction of the Libertarian Party and championed the idea of “free market eugenics.” 
  • called Roy Moore, an accused serial assaulter of teenage girls, a “folk hero.”
  • wrote an article last year about a woman being gang-raped in Pakistan and when he posted it on Gab he wrote: “This woman received some multi-culturalism, good and hard.”

Despite Trejo being outed as a far-right extremist with white nationalist views time and time again, the Michigan GOP and members of the Michigan Legislature continue to work with him. Just recently his Grand New Party PAC co-hosted an event with Matt and Meshawn Maddock to help raise money for Meshawn’s legal fund and many from the MIGOP attended along with Representative Jim Desana.

“There’s a far-right, white supremacy rot growing within the Michigan Republican Party body as a whole, and they can either cut it out or it will consume them,” Inglot continued. “The bar for the MIGOP is already several feet underground, but we must continue to hold them accountable for the company they keep. Trejo and his white supremacist views have no place in Michigan and we are again calling on the MIGOP to have a shred of decency and condemn him and his views.”