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August 15, 2023

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Latest Indictments Continue to Shine Light on MAGA Republican Attempt to Destroy Our Democracy 

LANSING – On Tuesday, Progress Michigan released the following statement on the latest indictments against Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans handed down by a grand jury in Georgia. The statement can be attributed to Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan: 

“At this point, indictments, charges, and accountability for the MAGA Republicans who sought to undermine our elections and democracy are coming down weekly. Each indictment shows a snapshot of just how far Trump and his Republican allies have been willing to go to grab and hold onto power so they can continue to serve the wealthy few at the expense of everyday people’s right to elect our own leaders. From Michigan to Georgia, and many places in between, unhinged MAGA Republicans have deliberately spread lies, taken corrupt actions, and broken laws, endangering our country in their pursuit of power. 

“Donald Trump is a symptom of the undemocratic, corporate-driven, power-hungry, and dangerous Republican Party that is driven by the far-right and caters to MAGA zealots. Those who were involved in these attempts to undermine the will of voters in our elections must continue to be held accountable and we must defeat the fascism this faction is attempting to instill in our government.”