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July 25, 2023

Contact: Denzel McCampbell, 313-400-0298, 

Complaint Filed: Election Denier Groups Break Campaign Finance Rules for Proposal Recounts

Progress Michigan supports a campaign finance complaint against election deniers who requested recounts of 2022 ballot initiatives but failed to report their contributions and expenditures

MICHIGAN – On July 24, a campaign finance complaint was filed against multiple election denier groups and individuals who supported recounts of Proposals 2022-2 and 2022-3 without properly reporting contributions and expenditures, violating the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. The complaint was filed by Attorney Mark Brewer.

“We are sick of election deniers doing everything they can to overturn the will of Michigan voters just because they don’t like the results of our elections,” said Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. “While they have the right to file for recounts, they also have the legal obligation to follow the laws governing that process and it appears based on a review of the campaign finance filings that none of that happened. We support the filing of this campaign finance complaint and all other efforts to hold election deniers accountable for wasting public resources. As we’ve seen time and again, for these groups and individuals, they really only have one goal: to sow distrust and division in our state for political gain.” 

The alleged violators listed in this complaint include multiple groups and attorneys that have already been sanctioned by the courts for filing frivolous election litigation, including the Election Integrity Fund and Force, and attorneys Daniel Hartman and Stefanie Lambert. The full complaint can be read here and a compilation of evidence supporting the complaint is available here.