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June 13, 2023

Contact: Sam Inglot,

MIGOP Chair Kristina Karamo to Face Well-Deserved Consequences

Karamo and lawyers involved in the suit now on the hook for nearly $60,000

MICHIGAN – On Tuesday, a circuit court judge declared that Michigan Republican Party Chair Kristina Karamo and her lawyers will need to pay tens of thousands of dollars in court costs for the frivolous election lawsuit filed just before the 2022 November election. The following response can be attributed to Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan:

“Last year, Kristina Karamo made an 11th hour attempt to disenfranchise Detroit voters—and now she quite literally must pay for her failure. Her lawsuit was a waste of the court’s time and showed Michiganders what she and Michigan Republicans are all about: silencing voters, especially voters of color, when elections don’t go their way. Karamo and other anti-voter activists and organizations will continue to try to block access to the ballot and prevent Michiganders’ voices from being heard, but they will continue to fail because the people of Michigan overwhelmingly support our freedom to vote. The passage of two popular pro-voter initiatives in recent years, record voter turnout in the last few elections, and the movement of bills in the legislature that will increase accessibility at the ballot box, show the future Michiganders want to build together, and we won’t let Kristina Karamo or the Michigan GOP stand in our way.”