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September 8, 2022

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GOP Election Workers and Volunteers Instructed to Break Election Rules

Wayne County GOP leaders work with election denier Patrick Colbeck to instruct poll workers and volunteers to break election rules during Zoom training

MICHIGAN – Today, Progress Michigan responded to recent news that Michigan GOP leaders encouraged poll workers and volunteers to break election rules barring cell phones and pens from polling places. This latest story continues to show how Michigan Republicans are bad faith actors when it comes to election processes. 

In May, Progress Michigan released a report outlining how the Michigan Republican Party is working hand-in-hand with election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremist groups to recruit election workers. 

“Encouraging illegal activity like this will make voting more difficult for Michiganders, harm the work of local clerks and jeopardize our election processes. Encouraging election workers and volunteers to break the law to satisfy the conspiracy-theory-driven-bloodlust running rampant in Michigan’s right-wing circles just goes to show how far the Michigan Republican Party will go to hold onto power,” said Sam Inglot, deputy director of Progress Michigan. “The MIGOP has continued to not only allow conspiracy theorists to have a dangerous hold over their party, but also allowed—and recruited—election deniers to hold party leadership positions. We must hold Republicans accountable for their repeated attempts to break the law and subvert the will of Michiganders.”