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May 23, 2022

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Candidates Who Commit Forgery Must Be Removed from the Ballot

Are the GOP’s ‘concerns’ about election integrity just projection?

MICHIGAN – On Monday evening, the State Bureau of Elections released a staff report detailing tens of thousands of forged signatures from several Republican gubernatorial candidates and concluding  that five candidates – half the field – did not have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. The following response can be attributed to Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan:

“For all the Michigan GOP’s feigned outrage over ‘election integrity,’ several of their candidates seem very comfortable with using shady, underhanded tactics to get on the ballot. It looks like the Republican clown car may be losing a few occupants, including the self-proclaimed quality guru who apparently didn’t check the quality of his own signatures and the former police Chief who seems to have brought corruption with him from his days at DPD. I hope the Michigan Republican Party will live up to their big talk about integrity, respect our election laws and hold their own accountable when the Board of Canvassers meet this week.”