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February 2, 2022

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DeVos Petition Scheme Livestream Shuts Down Comments

MICHIGAN – Progress Michigan released the following statement regarding the launch of a DeVos-backed petition effort designed to gut public education funding and provide tax breaks for the wealthy. During the stream, those critical of the proposal, including Progress Michigan staff members, were blocked from commenting on the livestream. The following statement can be attributed to Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan: 

“It’s too bad we got shut out of the conversation, especially because Michigan voters will be shut out of the decision-making process with this proposal. DeVos and her corporate allies’ goal is to pay to get the signatures they need and then ram it through the bought-and-paid for Republican legislature without ever having to go before a vote of the people. This is an anti-public education effort that will take funding away from schools during a teacher shortage and will be used to give tax breaks to DeVos and her allies.” 

Progress Michigan also took advantage of the fact that the DeVos funded effort failed to purchase all the domain names for their effort, setting up their own site at