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January 24, 2022

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Meshawn Maddock Needs to be Removed from MIGOP

The MIGOP co-chair continues to spread misinformation and racism

LANSING – After Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock spent the weekend     spreading misinformation and racism, Progress Michigan is calling for her to either step down or be removed from her position by the party. 

In a Facebook post reminiscent of conservative anti-trans bathroom panic, Meshawn Maddock spread an entirely false rumor that a Michigan school district was providing litter boxes for kids who identify as “furries” and has forced an already busy school superintendent to reassure parents that “There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement/accusation!” and that Maddock’s rant has no basis in reality.       

Maddock also attacked Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist using racist dog whistles in response to a video      where Gilchrist protects himself with a face mask and talks about resuming his public activities after having previously tested positive for COVID-19.

“With Meshawn Maddock’s latest attempts to incite anger against our hard-working public school officials and her racist attack on our Lt. Governor, it’s more clear than ever that she does not belong in a leadership position,” said Sam Inglot, deputy director of Progress Michigan. “Even compared to the rest of the MIGOP, Meshawn Maddock’s antics over the past weekend are over the line and completely unacceptable. From her attempts to overturn Michigan’s election results and involvement in organizing buses to D.C. on January 6th, 2021, Maddock is not one to shy away from baseless conspiracies that have real and lasting damage to our state. It’s long past time for her to step down or be removed from her position.”