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January 6, 2022

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Livingston County Sheriff’s Department Responds to FOIA Request

Progress Michigan is glad to see no criminal charge will be pursued in Helton case 

MICHIGAN – In December 2021, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department filed a criminal complaint against Howell resident Kasey Helton for posting publicly available information online about nurses spreading coronavirus misinformation after one of those nurses contacted the Department. Progress Michigan filed Freedom of Information Act requests to both the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department and Prosecutor’s Office regarding the case. The Prosecutor’s Office later decided not to pursue a criminal charge in this case. 

All documents received by Progress Michigan in response to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office FOIA requests can be found here:

“This looked like a political witch hunt by the Livingston County Sheriff, so we’re glad to see that the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office has decided to not pursue charges against Kasey Helton,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Equally as encouraging is that the Sheriff’s possible attempt to intimidate Helton into silence failed. Misinformation around COVID has cost thousands of Michiganders their lives and we need more people like Kasey Helton calling out those lies, not fewer. Sheriff’s offices should not use their power to trample on people’s First Amendment rights or intimidate people into silence because there are plenty of real cybercriminals who need to be prosecuted. We’re glad that the prosecutor in Livingston County didn’t allow this matter to go any further.”