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November 18, 2021

Contact: Levi Teitel,

Rural Michigan Advocates Urge Passage of Build Back Better Act 

Critical investment in the American people will put all Michiganders on path to prosperity 

MICHIGAN –– Multiple advocates, activists and organizations who are dedicated to promoting progress in rural Michigan communities are urging Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act. 

A campaign promise of President Biden that comes on the heels of the historic passage of infrastructure reform, the Build Back Better Act is an important step to promote good-paying jobs, provide solutions for working families, and deal with the effects of climate change and lack of access to healthcare. From urban centers like Grand Rapids and Detroit to small towns like St. Ignace and Alma, the Build Back Better Act benefits everyone.  

“The challenges to rural families and businesses are often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dire,” said Susan Rans of Alger County Action. “The Build Back Better Act addresses those challenges with real solutions and true economic justice. As a rural resident, I believe we must Build Back Better for all, and soon.”

“The Build Back Better Act embodies what rural communities believe in: hard work, fairness, and respect for one another,” said Joanne Galloway, executive director of Center for Change Northern Michigan Advocacy. “By creating the single largest investment in history in affordable housing, expanding higher education and universal prekindergarten, lowering prescription drug costs, and making sure families can afford childcare, people across Michigan will have the critical resources they need and see how our government can work for everyone.” 

“Michigan’s independent family farmers, who see first-hand the negative effects of climate change, have long stood for all efforts to lower emissions and invest in conservation programs,” said Bob Thompson, president of Michigan Farmers Union. “All too often, choices have to be made between sound conservation practices and the dollars required to implement. The financial support contained within the Build Back Better Act will be critical to strengthening these efforts across rural Michigan.” 

“All Michiganders deserve the chance to thrive regardless of their ZIP code. We need to pass the Build Back Better Act to create fairness and opportunity for everyone,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The Build Back Better Act will benefit all families while lowering taxes for the middle class and ensuring billionaires pay their fair share. It’s time for Congress to support the president’s agenda and this critical investment in the American people.”   

“President Biden’s Build Back Better Act is critical and historic legislation that makes the biggest investments in kids, seniors, and care since the Great Society,” said Casey Copp, Real Recovery Now program manager for Michigan People’s Campaign. “It also makes the biggest investments in fighting climate change in human history. Additionally, the Build Back Better Act provides transformative relief and protections for millions of immigrants. Finally, it also cuts taxes for millions of middle class families, especially in rural Michigan, while making the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and House Democrats have all committed to passage of the Build Back Better Act through the House THIS week – and we’re expecting them to follow through. We can’t wait any longer. It’s time for Congress to vote. It’s time to deliver the Build Back Better Act.” 

The Build Back Better Act includes provisions that would help rural Michigan including: 

  • Offering the largest expansion in public education in 100 years by providing universal and free preschool for all kids ages three and four;
  • Ensuring that families will save money on childcare and improving at-home care for seniors and people with disabilities;
  • Providing 39-million households $300 a month in tax cuts by extending the Child Tax Credit from the American Rescue Plan;
  • Investing in clean energy by allowing rural communities to receive grants and loans through the Department of Agriculture; 
  • Providing farmers, ranchers and forestland owners with support for soil restoration and reducing emissions; 
  • Providing incentives for people to install clean energy solutions in their homes which will employ local workers and keep money in communities; 
  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate prices for high-cost drugs, which will put money back in the pockets of seniors and working families; 
  • Expanding healthcare coverage to underserved Americans and reducing premiums for 9-million people; 
  • Investing in affordable housing, including providing rental assistance to families and expanding housing stock; 
  • Creating a Rural Partnership Program to invest in rural jobs in local communities and tribal nations; 
  • Investing in immigration reform to make our communities more inclusive; 
  • Making billionaires and large corporations do their part and pay their fair share.