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April 20, 2021

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Fight for Real Justice Far from Over after Chauvin Verdict

The following statement on the news that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of all three charges can be attributed to Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan:

“Holding Derek Chauvin accountable for murdering George Floyd was the bare minimum to bring justice to this tragedy, and we hope George Floyd’s family may find some closure in this guilty verdict. But it is only one small step toward real justice for the Black community. This verdict cannot bring back George Floyd, nor can it repair the damage systemic racism has done to communities across the country. We cannot let this be a stopping point in the fight for racial justice. Black and brown people deserve a future free from the fear and pain caused by unchecked police brutality. We stand with the Black community today and every day and are committed to defunding the police, dismantling white supremacy, and working to create a more just, equitable future.”