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March 18, 2021

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Questions Remain Around Legislative Separation Agreements

While Republicans call out Whitmer, they refuse to look in the mirror

MICHIGAN — With the news that the Governor’s office has waived the confidentiality agreement in the severance of former DHHS Director Robert Gordon , Progress Michigan is calling for the Republican legislature to do the same. The hypocrisy of calling for greater transparency for the Governor than they will exhibit themselves apparently extends beyond the FOIA/LORA package of bills. 

“Nearly $700,000 has been paid out in separation agreements involving the legislature, and we know nothing about the nature of those departures,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Just like the LORA bills the House is considering today, the lack of transparency around their own separation agreements show that the legislature is far more interested in one way glass than they are in true transparency. If passed as written, these bills would allow the legislature to hide every severance agreement they agree to and the ability to appeal that decision would be left to the majority leader and speaker. It’s time for real transparency in Lansing. We urge the legislature to release all the details about their own separation agreements and to vote against ‘talking point’ transparency and in favor of the real FOIA reform put forward by Progress Michigan.”