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March 9, 2021

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Progress Michigan Demands Removal of Enbridge’s False Advertising 

Progressive advocacy group calls on radio stations to stop giving airtime to Line 5 ad

MICHIGAN — Today, Progress Michigan, through their legal counsel, sent notices to Detroit and Grand Rapids radio stations calling on them to pull an advertisement from Enbridge which makes numerous false claims about the dangerous Line 5 pipeline. 

The ad, which attacks Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her work protecting the Great Lakes and improving Michigan’s energy needs, is the latest media stunt from the Canadian multinational fossil fuel giant which profits from a ticking time bomb operating under our freshwater. Progress Michigan demands that radio stations stop airing this deceitful ad. 

This radio ad contains false information about Line 5’s miniscule (yet dangerous) role in Michigan’s energy infrastructure, distorts its impact on Michiganders, and misrepresents the actions that Gov. Whitmer has taken to decommission the pipeline that is a threat to the entire region each day it remains in service. 

This is another campaign of deception from a company with a history of “withholding information or underplaying the severity of situations with their oil pipelines” and also “ignored unsupported spans” of Line 5. The public deserves to know how they’re being fed misinformation about Line 5.

“Michiganders deserve a healthy environment, safe drinking water and to know the truth about Line 5,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The fact is that Gov. Whitmer has been working to provide lasting solutions for the energy needs of people across Michigan that don’t rely on a pipeline from a company with a toxic past. We will not stand by idly while a company pays for a misinformation campaign about our energy or governor. We hope the radio stations will take immediate action to stop giving this ad any additional airtime.”