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January 19, 2021

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Shirkey’s Latest Racist Comment is Reprehensible, Not Surprising

Senate Majority Leader has a long history of insensitive remarks

MICHIGAN – Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is once again in the news for making an offensive comment, this time a racist description of his experience with COVID-19 in which he describes the virus as part of the “Chinese flu army.” The following statement about Shirkey’s remarks can be attributed to Lonnie Scott, Executive Director of Progress Michigan:

“So apparently in addition to long-term heart and lung issues, COVID causes racist outbursts? Never mind, with Shirkey that was a pre-existing condition. In a more decent world, Shirkey would be held accountable for making a racist comment like this—but we all know that because of his position in the Senate, and because he’s a white male Republican, it’s unlikely that he’ll face any consequences. The fact that Shirkey is still serving as Majority Leader despite his near-constant tone deaf remarks is unacceptable and shows just how rotten the Michigan GOP is.”