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November 6, 2020

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Michigan Republicans Just Can’t Stop Lying

Party of sore losers continues to push baseless rumors of election fraud

MICHIGAN – Since it became clear that both former VP Joe Biden and Democratic Sen. Gary Peters would beat their Republican opponents in Michigan, Donald Trump and his allies have engaged in a nonstop effort to delegitimize the electoral process, particularly in majority Black Detroit.

By all accounts, this election was free and fair and election officials and volunteers worked hard to count every vote. So far, Republican noisemakers have yet to provide any real evidence of the vague misconduct they allege took place and their legal challenges have proven unsuccessful. Both Republican and Democratic observers were present throughout the vote counting process, in accordance with election laws. In spite of that, top Republican officials have refused to acknowledge the results of the election and continued to spread baseless conspiracy theories—conspiracy theories directly contradicted by high-ranking GOP official Stuart Foster in audio leaked to the Guardian.

“I have never felt more second-hand embarrassment than I do right now for Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, and every other strategist and elected official peddling lies and conspiracies about the election held in Michigan this week,” said Lonnie Scott, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Not one of their claims about the election holds water, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is just a desperate attempt to override the will of the people and keep Trump in power. Not only is their rhetoric undemocratic and flat-out insulting to voters; it has also encouraged harassment and violence toward election officials and volunteers just trying to do their jobs. The people of Michigan have made their decision and are ready to move forward. No amount of lies or lawsuits is going to change that.”