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September 22, 2020

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Unlock Michigan Caught Teaching Signature Collectors to Break the Law

Petition Drive is Nothing More Than A Partisan Power Grab

MICHIGAN – A report from the Detroit Free Press details yet another scandal involving the Unlock Michigan ballot campaign — and this one was caught on tape. During an Unlock Michigan signature gathering training, a representative from one of the campaign’s firms outlined numerous ways in which petition circulators could mislead voters and break the law in order to get their signatures. This is not the first controversy around the Unlock Michigan campaign, as there have already been complaints from voters that circulators have been spreading false information about what the petition would do.

“The irresponsible power grab we’re seeing from GOP leaders and right-wing operatives right now is astounding,” said Lonnie Scott, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Every official report that has come out has praised Whitmer’s response. The state is at the top of lists on containment of the virus and in the top 10 for economic recovery. This has never been about the legislature partnering with Whitmer, it’s always been about a bunch of white dudes who can’t stand that the Governor is a woman with power. They don’t give a damn about who they hurt or how many people die as long as they can get some chest thumping in and put ‘that woman from Michigan’ in her place.”