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November 6, 2019

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New Poll Shows Opposition to More Corporate Tax Handouts

Public Policy Poll shows support for corporations paying their fair share

MICHIGAN — Michiganders oppose more tax breaks for big business and support policies that make wealthy corporations pay their fair share, that’s the message received from a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling for Progress Michigan. The polling comes in the wake of renewed conversations in the Michigan Legislature around bills that would dole out even more massive tax breaks for big businesses.  

The poll, which included Michiganders of all political leanings, found that a majority support increasing taxes on big businesses and oppose new tax breaks:

  • The State Legislature is considering bills that would give new data centers in Michigan tax breaks on sales and use taxes. Supporters of the bills say they will help bring new jobs to the state, while opponents say the move will take tax money away from neighborhood schools. Do you support or oppose this type of legislation?
    • Support – 27%
    • Oppose – 42%
    • Not sure – 31%
  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Corporations and wealthy individuals should pay more in taxes than they currently do to pay for things like roads, schools, and clean water.
    • Agree – 57%
    • Disagree – 36%
    • Not sure – 7%
  • A program launched in 2017 offered up nearly $169 million in tax breaks for five large corporations to do business in Michigan. That program has yet to result in any new jobs. There are plans to expand the tax breaks program, which would mean companies would get $20,500 in tax breaks for each new job they bring in. Do you support or oppose expanding this program?
    • Support – 31%
    • Oppose – 52%
    • Not sure – 17%
  • In general, do you support or oppose big businesses getting tax breaks for hiring people even if it means less resources for schools and local governments?
    • Support – 27%
    • Oppose – 60%
    • Not sure – 13%
  • Would you support or oppose increasing taxes on big businesses to fund priorities like roads, schools and clean water?
    • Support – 58%
    • Oppose – 31%
    • Not sure – 11%

“From the grassroots activists in communities across Michigan to presidential candidates at the national level, there’s a growing movement to end corporate tax breaks and ensure everyone is paying their fair share. That’s the direction the people of Michigan want our state to go, but these bills send us down the wrong path. Corporations are not paying their fair share in taxes, it’s hurting our state and the people of Michigan are sick of the deck being stacked in favor of corporate interests,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “We will never be able to fully fund our schools, repair our roads and bridges, or clean up our water if we’re constantly giving big businesses huge tax giveaways paid for with funds that should be going to our communities. It’s time we changed the culture in Lansing from focusing on what’s good for wealthy corporations and shifted our policy goals to address what’s good for working people and families.”

Full results of the poll can be found here.