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October 29, 2019

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LaFave Continues to Embarrass Self, Office with Social Media Posts

Memes should be left to internet trolls, not state representatives

MICHIGAN — Rep. Beau LaFave is once again in hot water over controversial social media posts about the budget process and disrespecting residents of Detroit. 

The two photos provided to Progress Michigan show a Facebook post by LaFave depicting a popular meme format where Gov. Whitmer metaphorically murders the state budget. The other photo shows LaFave posing with a thumbs up next to a ghoulish mannequin with the words “Lost Hunter from Detroit” displayed around the figure’s neck.  

“Beau LaFave should leave the mean-spirited and divisive memes to the internet trolls. Frankly, we’re not concerned why LaFave posted them and are more interested in hearing an apology from him for such divisive behavior,” said Sam Inglot, deputy director of Progress Michigan. “LaFave needs to stop embarrassing himself, his constituents and the office he holds with juvenile social media posts.”

The ‘hunter’ photo is especially troubling considering the fact that Detroit is a majority African American community and the Upper Peninsula is overwhelmingly white. We have a problem with racism in this country and the connotation behind the image cannot be ignored given the racial makeup of Michigan’s largest city.