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January 4, 2017

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Republican State Senator Calls $72,000 Salary a ‘Fixed Income’

Out-of-Touch Patrick Colbeck Complains About His Publicly-Funded Salary 

LANSING — Despite twice running for election to serve the people of Michigan, Senator Patrick Colbeck took to social media today to complain that his $71,685 base salary is a fixed income that has forced him and his wife to make sacrifices to survive. Colbeck seemed to be making a poor attempt to link his own personal struggles to the state budget process but his intent was buried by his contempt for his constituents.

“It’s not often that an elected official publicly complains about his own salary. But, Senator Colbeck has never been one for showing respect for the people he represents,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The state’s budget is not at all like a household budget. Colbeck is comparing the cable that he uses to watch TV at home to the crucial public services that benefit us all. While the people of Flint still struggle with poisoned drinking water and children across the state deal with cuts to education and other programs, the people of Michigan are being asked to give a damn about Senator Colbeck’s cell phone bill?”

State Senators receive a salary of $71,685 per year and a $10,800 yearly mileage allowance and are not prohibited from earning income outside of their service to the state.

“There are many committed public servants who earn every penny by showing up to work each session and doing excellent constituent relations and I don’t hear them complain about their salary,” Scott continued. “On the other hand, Patrick Colbeck, who gave over $30,000 to his own campaign in 2010, wants us to believe that he is just another victim of disastrous cuts and budget decisions by his fellow Republicans. I’m not buying it. But, for those who want to help Colbeck out, they can buy his book Information Technology Roadmap for Professional Service Firms on Amazon for the low price of $29.95.”


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