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October 12, 2016

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Flint Resident Does What Schuette Won’t

Petition for a one-person grand jury filed regarding Snyder’s use of public funds for criminal defense 

MICHIGAN — A Flint resident has done what Attorney General Bill Schuette should have done long ago: filed a petition for a one-person grand jury against Gov. Rick Snyder for his shameless use of public funds for his own private legal defense.

Flint resident Keri Webber announced the petition for a one-person grand jury today in Lansing. The complaint states that Snyder unilaterally took $2 million in taxpayer dollars to fund his private legal defense.

“No one in the Republican-controlled state government has held Gov. Rick Snyder accountable for his actions in Flint, a duty that should rest with Attorney General Bill Schuette, one he has conveniently ignored,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “It wouldn’t take the actions of citizens like Keri Webber to seek accountability if Schuette were actually doing his job. Public money should be going to help the families in Flint get their pipes replaced and attain other desperately needed services due to the Flint Water Crisis. It should not be assisting our multi-millionaire Governor who is responsible for the crisis shield himself from accountability.”


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