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January 14, 2016

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Total Control; Complete Chaos

Michigan ranked worst state in Midwest after five years of total GOP control

LANSING — A new report released by POLITICO ranks Michigan 34th in the United States – the worst ranking of all Midwestern states. The report measured health, education, wages, crime and unemployment among other categories. This is the third year that the report was released.

“Republicans have had five years of complete and unchecked control on the levers of our government and this report shows that, when measured against our neighbors, Michigan citizens are falling behind under complete GOP control,” said Hugh Madden, communications director at Progress Michigan. “Governor Snyder touted his dashboard when he first took office but has quietly stopped talking about metrics lately. This look under the hood shows that progress has completely stalled during the Snyder years.”

The report comes amid the Flint Water Crisis that was caused by decisions made by an Emergency Manager approved by the GOP-led legislature and appointed by Gov. Snyder.

“It’s important to note that the same folks who have made Michigan the worst state based on metrics are also the people responsible for allowing families to be poisoned in Flint and for the poor response in fixing the problem,”Madden continued. “Governor Snyder failed to keep Michigan citizens safe and the Republicans running the legislature have failed to hold him accountable. It seems that Republican legislative leaders are more worried about campaign checks than they are about their constitutionally required checks and balances on an inept executive branch.”



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