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January 20, 2016

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Snyder Cherry Picks Flint Water Crisis Emails

Governor admits he’s going to only release select emails from his office

MICHIGAN — During his State of the State address on Tuesday night, Gov. Rick Snyder said he would release emails from his office regarding the Flint water crisis this morning. However, he recently announced he would only be releasing his personal emails and would not be including any of his executive staff.

Once again, transparency is being held hostage by a right-wing governor whose happy talk and promises ring hollow for so many people affected by the Flint Water Crisis.

“The fact that Governor Snyder said last night that he would release his emails this morning and still has yet to do so, shows that he is acting with the same urgency that led to this crisis,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Not only is he still dragging his feet after announcing to the world that he would release the emails, he has now said that he’ll only be releasing select emails, which will continue to paint a partial picture of what happened to Flint. Michiganders deserve to have the whole truth, not just the revisionist version Snyder would like to spoon-feed them. If Snyder is truly interested in accountability and transparency he will respond to our FOIA request and supply all documents from his office regarding this back to 2013, not just those he feels like sharing.”


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