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October 13, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Progress Michigan Echoes Call For Flint Accountability

Earley should be fired and Snyder should pay

LANSING – Today, Progress Michigan is calling on Governor Rick Snyder to hold himself and Emergency Manager Darnell Earley accountable for their decision to use the Flint River  as the source of drinking water inFlint. Progress Michigan is calling on Gov. Rick Snyder to fire Darnell Earley from his current job as Detroit Public Schools emergency manager and ban him from working as an Emergency Manager in Michigan. In addition, Gov. Snyder should hold the people of Flint harmless and ensure that the people of Flint do not have to pay for his mistake.

“Gov. Snyder’s announcement last week confirmed what we already knew, that his emergency manager poisoned children and families in Flint. Gov. Snyder and Darnell Earley need to be held accountable,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director for Progress Michigan. “Twelve million dollars may reconnect to a safer water supply, but no amount of money can undo the harm they have done to the children and families in Flint who will now suffer with high lead exposure for the rest of their lives.”

Lead poisoning is irreversible and can lead to developmental problems, reducing a child’s IQ and causing serious behavioral and emotional problems. While lead levels can fall in individuals over time, the damage is permanent.

“Gov. Snyder has touted his business skills and often talks about running Michigan like a business. When a business causes harm to ‘customers’ as Gov. Snyder calls Michigan citizens, they must pay,” continued Scott. “We believe Gov. Snyder should be held accountable for the actions he and his emergency manager took, without asking the already cash-strapped city of Flint to pay for Snyder’s mistake.”


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