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April 24, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

GOP Plans RFRA Hearing Under Cover of Supreme Court Hearings

Controversial legislation scheduled on same day as start of marriage equality case

LANSING — In a pitiful attempt to avoid public criticism and less media scrutiny, Republicans are taking testimony on a Religious Freedom Restoration Act bill the same day as the United States Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments on marriage equality.

“It’s insulting for conservatives to think they can sneak this type of legislation past the eyes of the public by pushing it out the day the Supreme Court is hearing a monumental case that could finally bring about progressive change to this country,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “This legislation doesn’t belong in the halls of our Capitol or the committee rooms where legislation is groomed — it belongs in the backwater fever swamps where this type of discriminatory mentality festers.”

The hearing on the controversial legislation comes on the heels of yet another attempt by the conservative legislature to use religion as a guise for discrimination. Earlier this week, a Senate committee voted to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against and turn away families whom they didn’t want to serve. The LGBT community, non-Christians and single parents are at risk of being denied the opportunity to adopt and children denied a loving home under this legislation.

“This sleight of hand by the Republican leadership won’t fool the public and they should be ashamed of even giving this legislation the time of day,” Scott continued. “This rush by the GOP to enshrine discrimination into state law is a waste of resources and the legislature’s time. RFRA hurts families, is bad for businesses and would make Michigan a national embarrassment.”



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