Some scary news out of the Lansing bubble today: State Rep. Cindy Gamrat — a Dave Agema acolyte — announced she wants to join Agema as one of two Republican National Committee delegates representing Michigan

The news broke today with little fanfare or news coverage, apart from some social media.

However, despite the quiet announcement, the prospect of Gamrat being the face of the MIGOP, alongside Agema, should send chills down the spine of anyone who holds dear the virtues of equality, empathy or just plain common sense.

As an RNC Committeewoman, Gamrat would hold some sway and influence over the direction of the GOP, both in Michigan and nationally, which is a troubling thing to contemplate.

A few things to consider: Gamrat was endorsed by Agema, helped spearhead the annual Michigan Tea Party “Powwow” in Mount Pleasant and considers right-wing theocrat State Rep. Todd Courser a personal and political ally.

The fact that she’s not spewing ignorant and error-ridden vitriol online like Agema should not blind you to who Gamrat really is. She’s just as much a right-wing, reactionary, Christian Dominionist as Agema and seeks to take the GOP even further to the right.

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