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February 24, 2015

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Snyder and Walker: Assailing Workers’ Rights Across the Great Lakes

Michigan proves it: Right to Work doesn’t create jobs, only hurts workers

MICHIGAN — Today, Progress Michigan voiced solidarity with Wisconsin workers and unions as they challenge Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to force Right to Work on the state. Right to Work is a blatant attempt by the state’s far-right governor to weaken unions in favor of corporate profits, just like Gov. Rick Snyder did in 2012.

“Attacks on unions like this don’t help a state, they only hurt the collective power of its workers to bargain for better wages and working conditions,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Right to Work is nothing but a welcome mat for corporations that want to abuse and exploit workers. Gov. Snyder can’t point to a single job that has been created by Right to Work since it’s been implemented, something we hope Gov. Walker will consider before continuing his crusade against organized workers.”

ALEC model legislation like Right To Work is an attempt by corporate interests to weaken union power in order to maximize profits. Research shows that as union membership declines, the wealthy and well-connected stand to profit the most.

“We’re proud to voice solidarity with Wisconsin workers and progressives who are standing up for their rights and fighting this corporate-backed legislation,” Scott continued. “Gov. Walker and Gov. Snyder have proven time and again where their loyalties lie and it’s not with the hardworking people of the Great Lakes. Anytime and anywhere people mobilize to fight for a future that’s based on workers’ rights and not corporate profits, we’re proud to support them.”


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