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September 29, 2014

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Snyder Campaign: Town Halls Not Open to the Public

MICHIGAN — According to the Snyder campaign, the widely publicized town halls the governor is holding, are not open to the public and only undecided voters are allowed to attend.

According to a tweet by Emily Benavides, a Snyder campaign spokesperson:

.@LonnieScott, these town halls are for undecided voters. Are you undecided? If so, @MarkSchauer‘s base problem is worse than we thought

“If the Snyder campaign is hand-picking attendees that’s a rally not a town hall. Are they turning away registered Republicans and Gov. Snyder’s neighbors as well?” asked Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Governor Rick Snyder has consistently ducked the public and accountability and this is just the latest example of his failure to answer to Michigan voters for his failed priorities.”

The tweet was in response to a series of tweets by Scott. On Sunday, Scott and one other Progress Michigan staffer had their tickets cancelled to the town hall scheduled for today in Kalamazoo.

“If the Snyder campaign is only allowing in undecided voters, then I should be considered ‘undecided,” Scott continued. “I can’t decide whether Gov. Snyder is totally corrupt or completely incompetent.”


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