To all of our fellow progressives attending Netroots Nation: Welcome to Detroit and to the Great Lakes State!

I’ll make this quick so we can all get back to building a stronger progressive movement. We need your help while you’re here.

Our right-wing governor, Rick Snyder, privatized the prison food services in our state-run prisons. It has been a perfect example of why privatization is wrong for Michigan — and the rest of the country.

Since they’ve received their contract, Aramark has accumulated quite the list of problems that permeate their operation.

There’s a solid chance that Aramark is operating in your state as well. Help us call on our governor to end Michigan’s contract with Aramark. A victory in Michigan for the public good could help lead to a victory in your state!


This corporation puts corrections officers and prisoners in harm’s way and we’re tired of it. Help us call on Gov. Snyder to end the contract with Aramark by signing our petition.

Help us spread the word across Michigan and the country with this tweet:

The nation is watching: #Aramark is putting lives at risk in MI and across the US. Help us end the contract: #NN14

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